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Mountain Village Guidebook

Everyone talks about the establishment of Telluride Ski Resort in 1972, but not many talk about the two years it took to get there. Entrepreneur Joe Zoline’s dream came true when his proposal of an “official winter sports site” got approved by the Town of Telluride and United States Forest Service in 1968. He then recruited Emile Allais, world champion skier, to help plan the development of the ski resort in stages. In the two years, they developed the bed base, ski school, on-mountain facilities, ski patrol and general staff. He also hired ecologists and environmental planners for guidance on protecting the mountain.

Telluride Ski Resort had new owners in 1978, Ron Allred and Jim Wells, who had a vision of an European-style resort village instead of sheep ranches. Over the decade of the 80s, ranches in what is now Mountain Village, dispersed to allow room for a golf course, walking paths and hiking trails. Inevitably, like Telluride, Mountain Village grew beyond a “company resort” and was incorporated as a Town in 1995.

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