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Town of Telluride Guidebook

Established in 1878, the Town of Telluride is part of United States’ 3% National Historic Landmarks and has a rich history to prove it. Prior to its establishment, Ute Indians used the box canyon as a summer camp before the mining rush took over. Sheridan Mine, the first of many Telluride mines, was the beginning of a catalyst that brought people to the San Juan Mountains. Shortly after, the Rio Grande Southern Railroad arrived in Telluride in 1890 which rejoiced the locals as they were able to ship out raw mineral materials and receive supplies. The lowered costs allowed space for the local businesses to grow and thrive for sixty years.

As the world evolved and endured two World Wars, the rail tracks were removed and the Telluride Ski Resort opened in 1972 changing the spirit of the town. Festivals, cultural events and music during the summer and skiing during the winter became the town’s tradition.

For more information on the history of Town of Telluride, please click here. Read a few pages of “Telluride Then and Now: Celebrating 60 Years as a National Historic Landmark District”.